Loofie Scrubbers!
Loofie Scrubbers!
Loofie Scrubbers!
Loofie Scrubbers!

Loofie Scrubbers!

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*Please note: Loofie's colors may vary between green and blue.

Ditch that plastic yellow & green scrub & sponge at last! Our plastic-free Loofie Scrubber (affectionately known as 'Loofie') is a combination of the gentle scrubbing power of the fibrous loofah plant and the spongy cellulose-cotton cellulose dishcloth. They're even sewn together using cotton thread (rather than the all too commonly used polyester thread) which makes for reusable & biodegradable dish cleaning with absolutely no plastic. 



Use your new etee Loofie Scrubber in the same way you'd use your old green & blue plastic sponge (but without the plastic!). The loofah side is an amazing scrubber - but it won't scratch your dishes! The cellulose side is good for wiping up messy dishes and cleaning more delicate dishes. Loofies can do more than clean dishes - try using one to help scrub the sink & tub, just like your old plastic sponge would!

To keep your Loofie clean you can chuck a damp one into the microwave for 10 seconds, or lay it onto the top rack of your dishwasher for a cycle. Washing machines or clothes dryers are not recommended.

Change your Loofie every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on usage. When you're done with it, since it's fully biodegradable, you can chuck it in the garbage, compost or bury it the garden. Loofie will decompose within a month :).



Loofies have a layer of loofah plant paired with a layer of cellulose cloth, which are 100% natural and made of wood & cotton cellulose.


"I love how it's made of 100% natural materials for something we use on a daily basis and something closest to our mouth. I was always grossed out by thinking the bits and pieces of the sponge coming into my body, and you know the stuff is known for the home of thousands of germs. The 'loofah' side is great to scrape off food etc from the dishes, forks and knives without scratching them." Ikuko N


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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Marc Kawakami

After a couple of years of using the Loofie Scrubbers, for comparison purposes, I tried a traditional store bought kitchen sponge (left over from before etee). The Loofie Scrubber is better at scrubbing, sponging (applying the dish soap), and environmental impact. One of my favorite etee products.

Kristin Walker
Only dish scrubber I use

I’ve been using Loofie scrubbers for a couple of years now and I love them. I gift them to people though not sure how they like them. They remove food from dishes/pots/pans, etc. very well without scratching surfaces. I’ll never go back to regular sponges. I use many of Etee’s other products as well and highly recommend.

Kerry Cobb
Best way to clean your dishes....

We love these scrubbers in our kitchen. There is nothing better for cleaning!

Sally Hoover
Loofie Scrubbers

This is the second time I've bought the Loofie Scrubbers and they work very well.


My favorite product from etee! Those scrubbers last a long time, do the job and don't smell. I clean them every day with soap and let them dry and they are ready to use again.